Day 81 Moosilauke, NH to Fryeburg, ME 54 miles

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IMG_0195Holly Mother!!!!!!! Excitement woke us up early! This was going to be the day we entered our last state! We said our goodbyes to mount Moosilauke as we descended her magnificent, smooth side. We resupplied in Lincoln stocking up on snacks for the day. For the next 30 miles we would be biking through the whites and up our last major climb on the Kangcamagus Highway over Kangcamagus pass at 3698 feet. As we climbed, we stopped frequently at the roadside scenic pull-offs, where the mountains would open up and we could get panaromic views of the mountain side. Feeling strong and full of endurance, this 9% climb seemed mild and the pass came before I even knew it.  As the road arched and dropped out of view, Matt and I switched into gear and began the long descent. I had a smile on my face the whole way down. We pulled over on the Swift River and scrambled down the bank to enjoy the cool water and take our last break before leaving the White Mountains. After drying off and eating a snack we headed back out on the road. We took 112 out of the park and right into Conway. It was an abrupt change leaving beautiful quiet woods and entering a bustling town, but within 5 miles we had made it to the ‘Welcome to Maine’ sign.  We had made it! We had biked into our 15th and last state!!!!!! The guide book advised that the traffic could be heavy through Conway and that we should take a side trail at the visitor center, so we jumped on the newly paved bike trail that will, when finished, connect Portland all the way to Conway, a total of over 50 miles. This trail definitly might be a future trek. We ended the day camping at Canal Bridge Family Campground along the Saco River.

We had arrived late afternoon and had just enough time to shower, set up camp and eat a quick snack before my sister Jessica and her family pulled into the site. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing in the river with my adorable nephews Martin and Arthur and enjoying BBQ at the local restaurant. Thank you so much Neil, Susan, Jess and Chris for making the trip out. You were the best welcoming party to Maine we could have asked for!!!

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