Day 76 Selkirk Shore State Park to Singing Waters Campground, NY 74 miles

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IMG_0148Today we left the great lakes of New York and entered into the Adirondacks. It is so refreshing to be back in the mountains, although so far they have been much gentler than what I imagined. Perhaps these are still considered foothills of New York. A beautiful ride today through the preserve following Moose River Road. No sightings of the great moose yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Every small pocket of water, I bike past that is overgrown by plants looks like a perfect place for a moose, but usually I only see a few ducks.

We decide to push on past Boonville and McKeever and stay at Singing Waters private Campground a few miles before the next town. $20 for a primitive tent site makes me growl, knowing that prices in the mountains and on weekends are always more expensive. I pay it, and we settle into the only spot with wifi. However, the password the host gave us does not seem to work, and she shrugs her shoulders and says she’s not sure why. We sit on the chairs next to an outlet and start charging the bike lights that we’ll need to use tomorrow morning, the ipods and Matt’s camera batteries. The last two days has been overcast and the solar battery has not quite held a strong charge.

After 100% charge we bike up the hill to our campsite, cook one of Matt’s favorite meals of ramen and instant mashed potatoes and crawl in the tent. I read a few passages from Thoreau’s short essays before falling asleep.

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