A Sunday in Bar Harbor

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Shortly after 7 am this morning, Jodi and I completed our last five miles of the Northern Tier, having bicycled more than 4,000 miles across the North American continent. We walked slowly and purposefully down to the cool waters of … Continued

In the absence of the aspen

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In June, the quaking aspen was the first tree I really took notice of. It shimmered on the roadside, its leaves trembling as the wind swept through it like the chill that runs through your body at the first touch … Continued

Mid-Day Update: Havre, MT

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We stopped in Havre, MT today after 35 miles this morning to get our bikes tuned up. I am really trying to get a post written and updated, but pedaling in the heat across the plains is exhausting and I … Continued

Over the Divide

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Two nights ago, Jodi and I camped on the Continental Divide after a 43-mile climb along the southern edge of Glacier National Park. Yesterday, we descended into the plains, crossing into Blackfeet Indian Country. We are now flowing east towards … Continued

The Road

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Several days ago, we stopped in a shallow valley after a long, slow climb. It was a hot day with white clouds blossoming in a deep blue sky. We sat on the rustic front porch of a closed bar and … Continued

The Second Week

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Jodi and I are moving into our third week of cycling. We have taken one day off and had a few short days to rest up and resupply. In that time, we have moved east through the Northern Cascades, through … Continued

We’re in Idaho!

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Jodi and I crossed into Idaho two days ago! We had a short day into Sandpoint today, where we wandered around a farmers market and stocked up on supplies. We’ll be in Montana tomorrow or the next day!