A Sunday in Bar Harbor

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Shortly after 7 am this morning, Jodi and I completed our last five miles of the Northern Tier, having bicycled more than 4,000 miles across the North American continent. We walked slowly and purposefully down to the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean where the seawater lapped up over the rear tire of our bicycles, signalling the easternmost point of our journey. Bar Harbor was stirring to life behind the sea wall above us, greeting a new Sunday, a new day for rest, for contemplation, for faith and for dreams. 

Our ending was very much like our beginning, a small, humble embrace of salt water that resounded only with the calling of seabirds, the caress of the wind and the gentle warmth of the rising sun.

To all of you, we are profoundly thankful for your support, your prayers, your words of kindness. Dream big and dream often. Walk through fields of wildflowers and watch honeybees leave trails in the sky. Sink your toes into seashells on the beach and wish upon shooting stars. Love one another and extend kindness when you are affronted. Remember the preciousness of every day and the promise in the rising sun. Know that just as the changing tide erases and cleans, so too do we have endless opportunity for rebirth.

Now, we sleep.



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  1. Steve Cournoyer

    What an incredible story! Thank you so much for being so open with your emotions and insights, and thank you for documenting the trip. I didn’t miss a day. Congratulations!

  2. Steve Largent

    Congratulations! We met at Anacortes where you were our camping neighbors. Sorry we didn’t run into each other again. Glad your journey went well too! Meeting other cyclists was one of the highlight of the trip for us, and you were the first!

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