Day 80 South Royalton, VT to Mount Moosilauke, NH 60 miles

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We followed the white river through the fog out of South Royalton. Ten miles of mild roads gradually increased into a  three mile climb up to Whitcomb Hill. This was just enough of a climb that the quick downhill blew us into our 14th state of New Hampshire! We are now officially in the White Mountains! We took a long break midway through the day in North Haverhill under a tree at the police station preparing for the climb up Mount Moosilauke. Mount Moosilauke holds a special place in both Matt and my heart. We hiked up it while on the Appalachian Trail and have returned to the sacred place sharing it with family and friends. Whenever we come up to Maine, we always make sure to make a stop to visit our old friend. The climb was mild, even though it sits at 4817 feet. We made it to the top before dark. We walked our bikes back on the trail and had to portage over the small creek to a flat enough spot to put up the tent.  We set up camp and started a fire to cook dinner. Tonight was the first time since Washington that it was cool enough to make an actual fire to cook on instead of cooking with our stick stove. It was nice to be in the mountains and watch the moon rise. At dusk, a fellow thru hiker passed by the campsite, said hello and set up her tent across the stream.  She was hiking by herself, and I admired her independence and will as I watched her set up and cook food alone. She said nothing and was content in the silence that comes from solo traveling in the mountains. Watching her made me look at Matt and think how lucky I am to be able to share this special spot with him. This mountain has been in the distance of my mind for so long on this trip that I can’t believe I am actually here and that I have just biked up to her peak. She again will imprint her spirt on my soul and I will forever remember her beauty.

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